Global air traffic accounts for around three percent of worldwide CO2 emissions. This proportion must be reduced further in order to slow down or even stop the progressive climate change and its fatal ecological consequences for our planet. The first electric helicopters operated with renewable energy are currently undergoing further technical development to meet all international safety requirements in preparation for the market launch.

We are conscious of the negative CO2 emissions of this service and therefore are currently developing a concept that allows us to compensate for all emissions caused during flights in support of the MedGardens project. Moreover, to generate further positive effects on our immediate ecological and social environment HeliXperiences supports the state-recognized, non-profit project Both projects share a common fascination for the Balearic Islands, the Mediterranean Sea and the protection and regeneration of its biodiversity.

Student flight hours will be offered to local environmental organisations, to gather aerial data and support research only obtained from the sky.

Additionally, HeliXperiences follows the same overall sustainable business approach as its parent company LifeXperiences. Find out more.